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David Guttery

Retirement & Financial Planning For Young Adults

Is Retirement Planning for Older People?

Often, young adults fall into the trap of thinking financial planning isn’t for them. Planning for retirement is for older people. Right? 

Honestly, financial planning for your adults is often overlooked. When, in fact, getting prepared early can drastically impact how wealthy you are in the near and distant future. So, we’ve put together a list of financial planning tips to get you started.

6 Financial Planning Tips For Young Adults


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Investment Insights: 2022 in Review and a Look Ahead to 2023

Let’s Learn From 2022 So Your Money Can Do More in 2023

The challenging investment year that was 2022 is finally behind us, and we can now look forward to a new year and new investment opportunities.

2022 was marked by market volatility, and I believe that volatility was driven by the tendency for global markets to be shortsighted.

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When Will the Markets Stabilize? What We Know So Far

Are the Markets Finding Their Footing? Perhaps – But That Should Not Change

Your Long-Term Investment Strategy as We Seek Market Stabilization

Just 30 days ago, and two weeks before the last Federal Reserve meeting, I suggested that the Federal Reserve would find itself with the latitude that it needed to just simply blink when it came to setting critical economic policy — not pivot, not pause, and certainly not cut interest rates. Instead, the Federal Reserve Bank meeting would show that the board intended to be less hawkish with what remains of their strategy for tightening.

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Tips for Successful Investing: Play Like You Practice

Is Smart Investing Like Playing Basketball? If Your Goal Is to Win, Then YES!

Smart investing, and building wealth for your retirement, is not just about economics – it also involves establishing and using transferable soft skills and principles from all walks of life.

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Rules for Successful Investing: It Takes Hard Work

Treat Investment Like a Sports Competition: You Need Sacrifice, Dedication, Focus, and Time

We have said before that investing and sports have many parallels, and that is especially true when we are talking about tackling long-term investment goals.

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Investing in a Recession: Don’t Ride the Rollercoaster

Don’t Ride the Rollercoaster 

Throughout the year, we’ve talked about the possibility of being in a recession and potential strategies for consistent investment during this time. In this article, we will discuss why it is critically important to avoid the emotional roller coaster if financial planning efforts are to succeed. 

As I have mentioned on several occasions, if I could offer one universal piece of advice to anyone reading this article and pursuing long-term financial planning objectives, it would simply be to not quit during such times.

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4 Tips for Successful Investing: You Will Play Like You Practice

I’ve coached park and recreation basketball for fifteen years. Over that time, I’ve come to appreciate the parallels between playing basketball and successful objective-driven investing.

This article will be the first of a four-part series that focuses on tips for successful investing. We’ll explore four tenants that govern every team I coach.

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