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Keystone Financial Group Overview

After more than fifteen years of being a part of the Alabama Financial Center, my practice moved to Trussville, Alabama in July of 2006, and became known as the Keystone Financial Group, Inc. Virtually every aspect of my relationship with The UNIFI Companies, and with Ameritas Investment Corp., remains intact.

The physical address of my office, telephone numbers, and email addresses are all that has changed as part of this move. Services of the Keystone Financial Group, Inc. are provided by David R. Guttery, and also through a resource network of other professionals. The resource network is comprised of independent professionals, each having a distinctive competency in a financial field. I routinely work with these and other professionals, as unique financial strategies are developed to meet the needs of my clients. I also work along side other financial professionals with whom my clients may already have an established relationship. When no such relationships exist, clients are encouraged to make inquiries of multiple professionals that might provide a given service. Ultimately, that choice should be made by the client, as a function of competency, trust, and comfort. Additional information about the composition of the resource network, is contained within the brochure linked below.

Keystone Financial Professional Resources Group

Our Purpose

To design, implement, and monitor the road map between today and tomorrow, each being individually tailored to the client, and focused upon the efficient achievement of their goals.

Mission Statement

“Build long lasting relationships upon foundations of trust which are focused upon the best interests of the client, for the attainment of their financial goals that embody ethical and industrial standards without compromise.”

Our Philosophy

Objective driven strategies are about the achievement of goals, and not only about the making of money. This implies a balance of risk with other factors such as tax advantaged thought, time, and the characteristics of products that may be most suitable for you and the application at hand.

The goal is to accomplish the objective, while following the path of least resistance.

Our Process

Gain Understanding

We ask precise questions, so that we may best understand your areas of interest and goals for the future.

Financial Blueprints

We use this information to tailor a financial blueprint, designed to most efficiently bring those goals to fruition.

Product Matching

Keystone will represent to you the financial products through the extensive network of the UNIFI companies.

Ongoing Services

We’ll develop our relationship through services such as monitoring, reporting, and administration.

More Info

Keystone Financial Group is here for you when you need us. Please feel free to fill out the form for general inquiries concerning our products, support, or help with purchasing our products. Thank you for your interest in our services!

Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm M-F

Phone: (205) 655-7526


8178 Gadsden Highway - Suite 104
TrussvilleAL 35173

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Services Disclaimer 

For those persons inquiring from states where I do not currently hold securities and/or insurance licenses, I cannot transact business in that state nor provide follow-up or individual responses, until after obtaining the appropriate licenses and/or registrations in that state.