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Having A Solid Money Management Plan Is Critical

Having A Solid Money Management Plan Is Critical Money management involves several things.  It involves everything from the creation of a budget, to the maintenance of emergency cash reserves.  Some of us live rigidly by our budget constraints, and others merely check...

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Current Economic Conditions

Employment On the 4 th of December, the Labor Department reported that 221,000 private sector jobs were created in the month of November, and 228,000 payrolls in all. The unemployment rate declined to 4.1%. The unemployment rate in November was the lowest measured in...

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Thoughts on Volatility in 2019

Thoughts On The Outlook For 2019 David R. Guttery, RFC, RFS, CAM Volatility never really goes away.  Indeed, the 15 months between November of 2016 and February of last year were unique in that volatility was largely absent, but over time, such is a constant of the...

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Maximize Your 401(k) Plan Benefits At Work

Maximize Your 401(k) Plan Benefits At Work According to industry sources, almost 46% of adults responded to surveys by admitting they either did not contribute to an employer’s retirement plan, or contributed very little into such plans.  Only 16% of the respondents...

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Responding To Market Volatility

Responding To Market Volatility It seems that after a relatively quiet and positive 2017, that 2018 has seen the resurgence of volatility.  Remember that markets are discounting mechanisms.  This means that assumptions about the future are priced into current values. ...

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When A Life Changing Catastrophe Strikes

When A Life Changing Catastrophe Strikes Death, sickness, disability, and other happen.  They just do.  Often times, situations such as these appear suddenly.  An unforeseen diagnosis, or a disability caused by an accident, or death, can be devastating to otherwise...

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