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Significant Risk Headwinds Ahead

Significant Risk Headwinds Ahead September 23, 2021 I believe that we are at a point of inflection where risks of various types, are weighing on the market as we remain relatively near all-time record high levels.  Broadly, I would suggest that the three main...

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Economic Update

Employment Employment numbers are important to review as they provide solid indicators for spending patterns and consumer confidence. Click the graph below for the most current information on employment.  Manufacturing The ISM manufacturing index (formerly known...

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Is The Economic Cycle Shifting?

David, Brandon & Brian Wesbury- First Trust Event Is The Economic Cycle Shifting? I believe that the most pressing concern on the minds of my clients at the present time is inflation, and the evidence that is beginning to suggest a slowing of economic activity. On...

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Economic Update: Is Stagflation Back?

Economic Update: Is Stagflation Back? As you know, we have been discussing the potential for economic softness since the beginning of the year.  Recently, we’ve reviewed many individual metrics that are beginning to show a correlation that reflects the weakness...

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Potential Evidence of Economic Deceleration

Potential Evidence of Economic Deceleration We constantly monitor changes in many economic metrics so that we might better understand trends, and this improves our ability to manage investment portfolios to the objectives of our clients.  While today’s commentary...

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