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David Guttery

Strategies for Investing During a Recession

Recession Investment Goals: Secure Your Assets While Finding Income Opportunities

Are we in a recession? And if so, how should that knowledge impact your investment strategy?

Whether we are in a recession or not, it is important to note that every wealth management plan should be implemented with “guardrails” in place that are unique to the client.

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Are We in a Recession?

Answer: Probably, But the Details Are Complex and Fascinating

You have probably been hearing a lot about the state of the economy in the mass business media, and along with that, a lot of conjecture over whether we are in a recession or not. The recession topic similarly has dominated the conversations I have had with my clients for several months.

The National Bureau of Economic Research is the only organization that is tasked with determining if we are, in fact, in a recession.

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Using Section 529 College Savings Plans for Education Expenses

At a high level, the account is owned by one person, and a successor owner is named. Usually, these are the parents of a child, with the child being the beneficiary. However, anyone can own a 529 plan for the benefit of a child. Furthermore, any individual can contribute to the account.

529 College Saving Plans Rules

Deposits into 529 plans are considered gifts. Therefore, in 2019, any individual may make an annual gift of up to $15,000 per beneficiary ($17,000 for the year 2023).

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Durable Retirement Income: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Durable Retirement Income: What It Is and Why It’s Important

When reading about retirement income, you may see the term “durable” used. In this context, durable refers to retirement income that you can’t outlive, that the market can’t take away, and that will not erode.

Durable income can be a key part of your retirement strategy and financial planning.

Examples of durable income include Social Security and or pension income.

For the income to be “durable,” there must be guarantees that the investor can rely on for the production of that income.

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Strategies for Managing Market Volatility

Three Strategies to Help Offset Market Volatility

Yes, the stock market is volatile right now, and U.S. inflation is not helping any, but there are three strategies that you can use to help offset that volatility.

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Is This Stock Market Volatility Rational, And Will It Ever End

This Article Briefly Looks at Stock Market Volatility and its Longevity. 

 In last month’s article about inflation, we learned how it was having a huge impact on patterns of consumption behavior.  This month, we will explore what to expect in this period of volatility.

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Is This Stock Market Volatility Rational, and Will It Ever End?

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Maximize Your 401(k) Benefits at Work

How to Take Advantage of This Great Retirement Income Tool

Someday we will all retire, or at least slowdown. How prepared will you be for that day? Retirement planning in the form of a 401(k) plan is an important part of your retirement income matrix. First of all, it’s never too late to begin saving for retirement, and no amount is too small. An important second step is to contact your plan administrator and determine if, or to what extent, your contributions will be matched.

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