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Maximize Your 401(k) Benefits at Work

How Are You Planning for Your Retirement?   Someday, we will all retire or at least slow down. The question is, how prepared will you before that day? In case you are among those who have not started saving for retirement or have only saved a token amount, there...

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What Does a Financial Plan Look Like?

For anyone who has not worked with a Financial Advisor, this question has likely crossed their mind at least once. According to Statista,* 65% of Americans in 2020 indicated that they do not work with a Financial Advisor. Given how events unfolded last year, if there...

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Is Economic Volatility Imminent

Updated October 1st, 2021 I believe that we are at a point of inflection where risks of various types are weighing on the market as we remain relatively near all-time record high levels. What Are the Main Areas of Risk for the Financial Markets? Broadly, I would...

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Is The Economic Cycle Shifting?

David, Brandon & Brian Wesbury- First Trust Event Is The Economic Cycle Shifting? I believe that the most pressing concern on the minds of my clients at the present time is inflation, and the evidence that is beginning to suggest a slowing of economic activity. On...

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