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February 24, 2022

The Impact of Inflation on Consumption

What Is GDP?  

At a high level, let’s first observe that gross domestic product (GDP) is 70%  consumption. Said another way, consumption is simply you and I buying things. These things can be daily routine staples, a new car, or a household appliance, as well as any services and other non-tangible items. Clearly, in order to consume you must have income, or otherwise have the capacity to spend. Fundamentally, inflation erodes that capacity through rising prices that increase faster than your income.

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End of 2021 Planning Observations

We are furthermore witnessing one of the most visceral supply chain disruptions in economic history – if there was ever a time for a passive, hands-off approach to financial planning or portfolio management, this is certainly not it.  

Uncertain Times Underscore the Importance of Retirement  Planning and Having a Sound Financial Plan  

While the development of a financial roadmap will not negate these concerns, it can  help by addressing the question of “What happens if?” What happens if I want to retire early?

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