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May 2021

Is The Economic Cycle Shifting?

Is The Economic Cycle Shifting?

I believe that the most pressing concern on the minds of my clients at the present time is inflation, and the evidence that is beginning to suggest a slowing of economic activity. On Wednesday of last week, Brandon and I had the opportunity to meet Brian Wesbury, the chief economist at First Trust, while attending a half-day seminar here in Birmingham.

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Economic Update: Is Stagflation Back?

As you know, we have been discussing the potential for economic softness since the beginning of the year.  Recently, we’ve reviewed many individual metrics that are beginning to show a correlation that reflects the weakness that we anticipated, and I believe this affirms the decisions that we made months ago to significantly reallocate our model portfolios.

Now, you’re beginning to hear the main stream mass media talking about inflation that can no longer be ignored, including rising prices for gasoline, and materials. 

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