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April 2019

Precision Retirement Planning & the Labyrinth

Years ago, when my son was young, I had a revelation as we were playing with a simple toy.  Do you remember playing the labyrinth game, or possibly better known as the “guide the BB through the maze to the hole” game?  We’ve all been frustrated by the precision required in moving the bearing from the start to the finish while avoiding the traps of the maze.

It occurred to me that navigating challenging events and markets, while trying to generate durable retirement income for clients, can be a lot like playing this game. 

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4 Tenants of Successful Investing: You Will Play Like You Practice

You Will Play Like You Practice

I’ve coached park and recreation basketball for fifteen years.  Over that time, I’ve come to appreciate the parallels that exist between playing basketball, and successful objective driven investing.

This article will be the first of a four part series over the coming months, where we’ll explore four tenants that govern every team that I coach.  Today, we’ll explore “You will play like you practice”.  Next month, we’ll discuss “If you’re going to do it, do it”. 

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