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Why Should I Work With a Financial Planner?

Why Should I Work With a Financial Planner? by Brandon T. Guttery, Financial Advisor Ummm...What Just Happened? The last year has been chaotic to say the least. We saw a spike in unemployment, a sharp decline in the stock market, and still had a presidential election...

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Investing In A Biden Era Economy Part Two

Investing In A Biden Era Economy-Part Two As Seen In The Tribune February 12, 2021 A few weeks ago, we published an article containing a high-level overview of investment opportunities under the new Administration. As a continuation of that theme, I wanted to offer...

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Investing In A Biden Era Economy

Investing In A Biden Era Economy January 20th, 2021 Within our previous articles, we discussed at length, the potential implications of unknown election concerns on the economy, and by extension, on consumerism and the behavior of consumers in a Biden Administration...

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