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February 2021

Thrive, Not Just Survive in Changing Economic Seasons

Seasons Change

In our last two monthly editorials, we offered a high-level discussion about how economic variables might change under the new federal administration. Among other things, we discussed how a weaker dollar might characterize the coming economic environment, and how it also might create opportunities for investors going forward.  Understanding this is crucial as you look at your own financial stability and engage in portfolio management.  

Weakening Currency  

Newly appointed treasury secretary Janet Yellen has spoken on many occasions in recent weeks about the need for increasingly greater amounts of stimulus. On Monday,  Feb.

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Investing In A Biden Era Economy Part Two

As Seen In The Tribune  

February 12, 2021  

A few weeks ago, we published an article containing a high-level overview of investment opportunities under the new federal administration. As a continuation of that theme, I  wanted to offer some greater depth on those thoughts and get you thinking about your financial plan, portfolio management, and financial planning.  

As of the end of January, in my opinion, I believe we are already beginning to see some classic characteristics of market rotation.

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