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July 2020

Amid the Upheaval of 2020 and COVID19 – Don’t Overlook The Basics

It seems that since February, all of our attention has been focused on everything from the economic impact of COVID19, and market volatility, to the physical, mental and emotional implications of quarantining and social distancing.  It’s truly been a unique year.

During times such as these however, we can lose sight of some basic financial fundamentals, and I thought I would angle today’s article toward some of these areas that may be impacting many of you reading this.

From the standpoint of risk management, now would be a good time for an insurance review. 

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Economic Resurgence Without A New Wave of COVID19?

The COVID19 pandemic continues to impact the lives of millions of people across the globe. Since the 23rd of March however, the markets have begun to recover, but now it seems that worries over a second wave of the disease are weighing on market sentiment again.

As of Monday, the 6th of July, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is higher by over 43% from the low established in March.

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