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October 2018

Responding To Market Volatility

It seems that after a relatively quiet and positive 2017, that 2018 has seen the resurgence of volatility.  Remember that markets are discounting mechanisms.  This means that assumptions about the future are priced into current values.  Market valuations of one year ago had priced into themselves an assumption about the coming year, in terms of economic activity, earnings, interest rates, and other quantifiable metrics.  Since that time, we’ve seen the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and the imposition of tariffs among other things. 

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When A Life Changing Catastrophe Strikes

Death, sickness, disability, and other happen.  They just do.  Often times, situations such as these appear suddenly.  An unforeseen diagnosis, or a disability caused by an accident, or death, can be devastating to otherwise solid financial plans.  Sudden and unforeseen are two words that you never want associated with long term financial plans.  Therefore, the management of risk must be proactive.  It can’t be reactive.

I help clients with situations like these is by encouraging them to insure their lives, health, and income long before a catastrophe occurs. 

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